Use Cases

We unlock scale.

With Keyring you can:

  • Programmatically define and apply different rule sets across products or jurisdictions without the burden of manual operations.

  • Build compliant secondary markets without being constrained by bilateral onboardings. Connect to new user pools in a few clicks.

Keyring operates in the background. Financial service providers retain their primary relationship with users and enhance the value of their ecosystem by connecting to a wider set of permissioned users and use cases.

Streamline onboarding

Only invest the time when a user has been pre-vetted to confirm eligibility.

Whitelist orchestration

Connect to multiple sources of compliant users without the integration cost & effort.

RegS / RegD distribution

Ensure your RWA tokens are only transferred to eligible users.

Compliant ERC20s

Compliance travels with the asset across existing blockchain primitives.

Pool guard

Drag & drop custom compliance gates on lending pools.

Compliant dark pools

Ensure full privacy of transactions, even to the pool operator.

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