About Us

Zero-knowledge permissioning toolkit.

What we do

Keyring equips financial platforms with permissioning tools for compliant transactions on-chain, powered by zero-knowledge privacy. We enable our clients to meet regulatory requirements and unlock secondary market liquidity with reusable compliance.

What we solve

For widespread adoption of blockchains, transparency must be balanced with privacy and openness must be shaped to meet regulatory requirements. Most solutions today mimic traditional systems. Centralisation, siloed data, no interoperability, data instrumentalisation… We should strive for better than what we already have off-chain. Keyring provides a simple and effective solution to address these challenges in a scalable way.

Where we're going

Ultimately, we seek to transform the way sensitive information is shared to enhance connectivity. We make reusing data easier via a custom language and the use of zk proofs. This framework makes programmable rule-based permissioning possible across data silos to promote interoperability.

With Keyring's rule language, platforms can instantly identify qualified participants based on their attributes. Users can then onboard in one click by privately reusing their data (anonymised or in the clear) – in other words: one-click connectivity.

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