Keyring App

Start by going to the Keyring App.

Sign in with a Web3 wallet

  1. Connect your Wallet

  2. Read & confirm the Master Wallet disclaimer

  3. Sign a message with your wallet to sign in

Please make sure you always sign in with the same wallet in the future.

You're creating an account bound to that wallet, which we call the Mallet Wallet.


The home screen displays your current status, a list of all Policies and an overview of Keyring Pro and Connect use cases.

Use Cases

Use Cases - Connect

See all the verifications you can complete via Keyring Connect and the use cases they give access to.

Use Cases - Pro

See all policies and their use cases, which require either a KYC Onboarding or a KYB Onboarding.


Once you fulfil the requirements of a given policy, you can create (or update) on-chain Credentials for a set of trading wallets you choose to assign to your account. The link between your onboarding information (your "account"), and your trading wallets remains confidential to you.

When your Credentials expire, you can simplify click to refresh. Verifications will be run in the background.

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