Keyring Connect

Keyring Connect includes a Chrome extension to facilitate the identity verification process. It is used to verify and extract your data from third-party websites using zero-knowledge proofs. It also ensures your personal information remains private during the verification process.

This page guides you through the verification process on Binance in 3 clicks, as an example.

Example: Verify via Binance

Prerequisite: Install Keyring Connect Chrome Extension -> Download here (to come).

1. Click Verify to start the process on Binance

2. Sign in on Binance to start the verification process

The extension opens on a side panel and guides you to the Binance sign in page. Once you're signed in, navigate to the page indicated in the extension. In this example, it is your dashboard but it can be other pages, typically your user Account or Profile pages.

3. Complete verification on the Keyring App

The verification process and proof creation happened in the background, you have now been verified.

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